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Top Summer Side Hustles for College Students closetsamples guest post
Many college students look for ways to earn extra money during summer breaks. It’s easy to see why. Students have a lot of free time on their hands for several months with very little to do. It is a perfect opportunity to save up before the next semester starts. Usually, there isn’t much of a chance to work during the school year due to all the academic overload students have. So, it’s wise to take side hustles during summer. Here are the top choices of side hustles that you have. 


Let’s start with the most promising and popular side hustles for all students - tutoring. There is so much that a student can teach the world, really. Just because you are still in school doesn’t mean you have nothing to teach others. In fact, students can make excellent tutors precisely because they are still studying themselves. Why? Well, because they understand the whole process better. First, they remember the elements in the program most students struggle to understand in the beginning. Secondly, they have only recently gone through the course themselves, so their knowledge is still fresh and accurate. 
Lastly, tutoring students are less likely to be stuck in their ways. So, they can easily find individual approaches to each person. All of that shows how easy it can be for students to tutor others. Also, many young people would rather choose a fellow student to tutor them than a random professional online. Students are more likely to charge less and be more invested in their mates’ success. 


Babysitting is such a classic side hustle for students that it’s probably not even worth mentioning. Of course, many students prefer choosing a babysitting job rather than any other part-time job in their area. First, babysitting doesn’t really have any trial periods. You come to a job and start earning money right away. Money is often the only reason students take side hustles in the first place, so such an advantage does contribute a lot.
Secondly, one doesn’t mean much experience in babysitting to earn a position. Of course, it is highly recommended that a babysitter has some experience in being around kids. Yet, having younger siblings is already a good enough recommendation for such a position. 
Lastly, such a side hustle won’t distract students from their studies. There isn't much training or other preparations one needs to do to work as a babysitter. Of course, you’ll need to know a few kids’ games and be on the watch all the time. Yet, other than that, students can still even find a few hours to study, for example, when a kid takes a nap. 

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are usually remote workers who can do their job from any corner of the world. That alone is already tempting enough for students to try. Overall, virtual assistants don’t need to have much expertise in the area. They just need to be extra organized and good at performing various administrative tasks. In general, most students should already be well-trained at such a job. After all, being a good student requires strong organizational and time management skills. 
So, virtual assistants need to take care of documentation, planning, business calendars, and so on. Sometimes, such assistance can take project work, which means their job is over once the project is complete. Others can work part-time for small businesses or entrepreneurs who need to take some workload off their hands. Overall, it is a great chance to earn good money by doing what you are already good at. Also, this occupation won’t take all your free time, so there will still be a chance to have fun during the summer.  


Students with some unique skills can always look for side hustle jobs at various freelance platforms. Those sites have an unlimited flow of orders and propositions for all kinds of freelancers, like editors, musicians, copywriters, web designers, and so many others. Overall, having a few tricks up your sleeve will surely give students an advantage in quickly finding easy ways to earn a few bucks. 
Of course, depending on one’s skills and level of expertise, the pay for such freelance jobs can vary. Yet, there is always a chance to find a few projects over the summer as long as you are interested. Besides, getting freelance orders can also help students get better at their hobbies and jobs. For example, one can improve their writing and editing skills by taking copywriting jobs. Thus, these students won’t need much of the give EduBirdie a chance to help help in the upcoming semester. 


Students gifted with rare talents can benefit from it by selling their arts and crafts online. Of course, this is not an option for anyone. Yet, if you do art, make jewelry, knit, or else, consider finding customers for the things you make. Selling a few art pieces or knitting sweaters for pay can be a perfect side hustle. First, you still get to engage in your hobby and enhance your skills. Secondly, you learn how to monetize it. If this experiment is a success, you can keep this side hustle going even when the studies start. 
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