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Interesting Facts about The Dirty guest post closetsamples
For some inexplicable reason, people like rumors. It gives them an unusual pleasure to find out or read that someone has been called out, accused, embarrassed, or caught in an awkward situation. You can read what psychologists say about this topic and why we like gossip so much at this link.
Gossip magazines have been around for a long time. People waited for every new issue with impatience. Then, about ten years ago, the tabloids got their online form. Now you can find out everything that interests you in just a few seconds. Stories about who cheated or behaved arrogantly are just a few clicks away.
The founder of TheDirty website had just that in mind. Yet, he further expanded his activities to local celebrities, wannabes, and ordinary people who deserved to be ashamed for some reason. The very concept of this website is not ethical. Still, the platform has gained huge popularity, millions of users, and surprisingly, it's still there.

It All Started as a Joke

The owner launched the website in 2007 under the name DirtyScottsdale. As he often mentioned, it all started as a joke. He wanted to mess with those pompous headlines and half-information from the indie media. Gossip is often a lie or half-truth. Even as such, it can ruin many careers, marriages, and even lives. Yet, true rumors often seem enlightening and sobering.
Initially, this website was local-based. The owner wrote buzz about locals from Scottsdale and often encouraged readers to call out and expose those who had hurt or deceived them somehow. Clearly, people liked that. So they sent emails with detailed explanations and descriptions, often followed by compromising or lascivious shots or records.
So TheDirty has escalated from a local gossip column to a website that rats celebrities, politicians, and all the big names. Simply, people wanted to know more grungy stuff about them. But, due to public pressure and many lawsuits, The Dirty has been recently redesigned and turned into a generic news blog.
Interesting Facts about The Dirty guest post closetsamples 2

Google Supported It - to Some Point 

The very concept of the TheDirty website is well-known - people are slammed or called out by their full names so that readers know who they are. That can threaten them in many ways. These things have probably happened over the years.
The idea of ​​revealing cheaters, scammers, and bad guys seemed noble, as it would warn potential 'victims' in time. But those name-and-shame rundowns were not always true. Quite often, the posts on this website were offensive and humiliating. Google has been putting that up for a while. Its founders even supported the owner of TheDirty during many defamation lawsuits.
Initially, Google's policy on TheDirty content was unclear and not specific. It did nothing to crack down on gossip-based sites like this one. There were no nudity, too offensive content, or clear policy violations. That’s why this online tabloid has existed for years.
But due to the public concerns about the impact and consequences of such content, Google has decided to reconsider and change its policies. Since the news and posts on TheDirty were not always verified and true, Google agreed to stop defaming people.
Interesting Facts about The Dirty guest post closetsamples 3

TheDirty Is Deindexed 

If you search for TheDirty now, it's gone. Wondering if Google really had enough of content respected on TheDirty? Not really. This disappearance is most likely because of a technical factor. The website itself was de-indexed from this browser, but it still exists if you go directly to it.
Check the following page for the list of reasons why websites can be banned from search engines: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/ways-to-get-deindexed-by-google/242069/
Moreover, the content on TheDirty is regularly updated, although it has little to do with the original website. Yet, when you take a closer look, you will find many posts archived and left in their original form. So you still can find some spicy details about celebrities or someone you know without censorship or blurring.
If that interests you, there is a chance that TheDirty will return to the online space. But it may not be in its original form, but with major overhauls. Still, the concept can be the same - you could still read about gossips and local rumors. But only in a more discreet version adapted to the updated Google policy.
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