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44 Apps That Give You Free Stuff (Money, Too)
Who doesn’t love getting something that they love for free? We all love getting free stuff and if it is something that we love and will use that is even better. Many companies and stores hand out free samples of small items to help promote their products and get people to try them out. Their hope is that once people try the product they will become loyal customers of the product and the brand. 
If you get something for free that you already know you love, it can completely change your day. Many people find themselves closing the trendy barn door for bathroom privacy and taking a long relaxing bath with the free product that they just received. It can make you happy and you will run home quickly just so you get to use it.
Best Free Samples
Some of the best free samples that we can get include small packages of soaps, shampoos, body lotions, hand sanitizers, and other types of body washes. We love getting these free samples because they are able to meet a variety of our needs. Some people may decide to save these samples and take them as a travel item when they go out of town. This is a very practical way to use your free item.
While it can be great to save your items, most people find free items to be irresistible. If we get free samples of these body items, we often will go straight home and use them right away. Closing the bathroom door and relaxing with the products that we love is something that every person has done or will do sometime in the future.
Getting something for free makes the bath even better. The enjoyment of relaxing in a bath with something that you got for free is thrilling. It helps us all look at the world in a new way. We are able to better appreciate the small things in life. For instance, a typical bath may feel a lot better knowing that you are able to just relax and have nothing else on your mind for a few minutes. It can help melt away the stress and chaos of the day.
Other types of free items that people cannot pass up on are free food. Oftentimes we are asked to give our emails to a company and in return, they give us free food. Almost everyone in the country is willing to get a few spam emails a month in exchange for a free food item one time. While there is nothing wrong with this, it often has many benefits for the company. Each time we get the email, we may be more likely to visit the company and actually purchase more food. The system of getting something for free has been figured out and is a great way to help people become more loyal customers.
Why Do We Love Free Stuff?
When we get something for free, it helps us remember the brand and helps us have a positive image of the brand. This positive association helps us become loyal customers who are willing to actually pay for the brands and products that we love.
Many people love being part of the commotion and the buzz of getting something for free. No matter where you are if there is something being given out for free you will likely see a long line of people waiting. People are willing to wait a long time to get a free sample of anything. The long lines encourage others to come over and wait to.
Companies know that one of the best ways to hook customers to their company and their brand is to give something away for free. Whether it is a pen, pencil, shirt, food, or body sample, we are willing to wait for it because it is a hook that is irresistible.
Getting something for free is something that all Americans and many other nationalities all love. We love getting to try something new for free or getting to use one of our favorite products for free. There are many benefits for both the company and the customer when we are able to get something for free.
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