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Statistics from a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report revealed that hackers take less than 10 minutes to steal personally identifiable information.  IdentityIQ strives to deter cybercriminals and their efforts with advanced identity theft protection and credit monitoring systems.
As one of the top American companies to offer these services, it takes its mission to protect US citizens seriously. You can count on their diligent team to keep an eye on suspicious activities on your behalf.  These surveillance and routine checks ensure that nobody braces security and steals your credentials both online and offline.
IDIQ dedicates its time and energy to safeguarding your social security details, finances, and credit card score. Plus, as a gesture of goodwill and support, they offer a weeklong trial program to test its services before making any commitments.  All you have to do is sign up for the IdentityIQ free trial session by paying $1 for entry.
After that, you can enjoy all the perks of this security company without paying a dime.  We recommend giving IDIQ a chance to explore its advanced tracking features, accurate credit score assessments, dark web monitoring, etc.  Additionally, it serves as an antivirus protector that can identify malware threats and reduce risks with its in-house super-sensitive detecting system. 

Why Do You Need Identity Theft Protection?

In this tech-dependent world, make manipulative people steal personally identifiable information for monetary gain and fraudulent purposes. Scams like these use fake IDs, legitimate-looking sweepstakes, data-stealing malware attacks, and insurance scams to retrieve personal data from you. They are typically after your name, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, address, phone number, and biometric records. They might even ask about your family, interests, educational qualifications, professional history, etc. The more details you share, the more ways cybercriminals find to misuse it for their benefit. 

Reasons why your identity can get stolen:

  1. Hackers use it to access online and offline personal accounts (including social networking IDs, email accounts, banks, company portals, and more).
  2. They impersonate you to sign up for new credit cards, which ultimately affects your credit score negatively.
  3. Use your personally identifiable details to book into hotels, clubs, and other areas where they commit crimes under your name.
  4. Empty your bank accounts through fraudulent purchases.
  5. Enter your billing address for utility services, personal purchases, calling cards, and high amenity investments (like real estate property, insurance, etc.).
  6. Duplicate your ATM/debit card and credit card to splurge on your hard-earned cash
  7. Create fake IDs and driver’s licenses using your information.
It can take you months (and sometimes years) to overcome the obstacles they set for you by misusing your contact details. Even if you manage to recover your lost money, their undetected fraudulent activities might still impact you when applying for insurance, real estate ownership, and other credit-related milestones.
Fortunately, IdentityIQ has designed intelligent software to detect and deter such activities. Their assistance allows you to safeguard your identity and limit cyberattacks wherever you go online. 

How Does IDIQ Work?

IdentityIQ was founded over a decade ago in 2009. It takes great pride in being one of the few American-based companies that create security software and cutting-edge privacy tools in-house. In this sense, they are an identity theft security company designed for Americans by Americans. Having a local team of IT developers and experts gives them an advantage over multinational service providers. That’s because they have extensive knowledge about the government rules and regulations related to cybercrimes and online security. They are also well-connected with FTC-approved credit scoring bureaus (like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax). They use their industry-based expertise to engineer well-integrated tools that align their functions with localized needs and requirements. Some of which might go undetected when an international team supervises the technological aspects of the cybersecurity services. 

Primary services and tools offered by IdentityIQ:

  • Live Credit Monitoring
  • 100% Identity Protection
  • Premium-Quality Anti-Virus Protection with Bitdefender Total Security
  • Accurate Credit Reports and Scores (from TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax)
  • Dark Web and Internet Surveillance
  • Family Protection
  • $1 Million Insurance Coverage for Financial Security
In short, IDIQ uses keen insights to provide expansive service options for individuals and families interested in securing their personally identifiable information.

How to get started: 

You need to create an account to purchase IDIQ privacy tools and a credit score simulator as with any online service. You can do this by signing up for membership. You need to answer a couple of questions and choose a plan before activating your account. The whole process is quick and efficient.
For extra security, they use encrypted passwords and user verification sign-in protocols to catch unauthorized activity. They also use credible payment channels to secure financial transactions. 
Step 2: The Surveillance Begins
Once you become a member, you gain complete access to various credit monitoring and cyber tracking services. You shall receive regular credit score reports and notifications that record your purchases, investments, and other types of financial transactions. In addition to this, you receive non-credit-related updates too. 
Step 3: Receive Real-Time Alerts
Tech-savvy criminals can steal hundreds and thousands of dollars before you find out something has gone wrong. It could take years for you to detect fraudulent purchases if you don’t check your credit history regularly. You can avoid this nightmarish fate with the help of smart credit tracking tools. The daily notifications and updates allow you to catch the culprit in real-time. You can accomplish this feat by filing a complaint against the fraudster as soon as you notice an unusual alteration in your credit history. Receiving daily notifications means that the unauthorized activity gets detected sooner rather than later. Early intervention can save you thousands of dollars and accelerate financial recovery. 
Step 4: Full-Fledged Cybersecurity
The security system serves as a 2-in-1 protector. Your package features a well-integrated Bitdefender Total Security antivirus software program. The sensitive program functions as a powerful shield that blocks and bounces off cyberattacks. Numerous compatible online privacy tools support it.
  • Bitdefender Premium VPN to protect your online activity and IP address
  • An advanced anti-tracker to stop hackers and data-tracking malware from tracing you (and your personally identifiable information)
  • Dak web monitoring and online surveillance to detect identity leaks in every part of the worldwide web
  • Microphone monitor to prevent hackers from listening to your video and audio calls
  • Safepay to secure financial transactions
  • Parental controls to monitor sites accessed by your children
  • A password manager to protect your Windows OS
  • An invincible antivirus program to detect malware, ransomware, bugs, and viruses when you stream or download new media
On the whole, these smart anti-hacking software and programs manage to eliminate cyber threats and safeguard your private information/credit trail from scammers. They are compatible with multiple OS (i.e., Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS devices) for better accessibility. 
Step 5: Be Financially Secure with IdentityIQ
Despite your best efforts, there are times when your private and confidential details do fall into the wrong hands. That’s because fraudsters run door-to-door scams, in-person ploys, and other schemes that might not have an online presence. Many families fail to report these incidents because they don’t have sufficient funds to support legal investigations. Your membership with IdentityIQ provides you with financial security that can facilitate these pursuits. Regardless of how the crimes get committed, you can count on them to assist you from start to finish. The company provides premium members up to $1 million worth of identity theft insurance. The coverage pays for out-of-pocket costs that other insurers might not consider. These include fees for legal advocates, lost wages, and full/partial reimbursement of the stolen money. These perks are among the best advantages of using an all-American company for ID theft security services, as per many IdentityIQ reviews. With their insurance package, you can pursue the real criminals without worrying about the depleted finances. 

How Much Does It Cost?

IdentityIQ can cost anywhere from $8.99 to $32.99 per month, depending on the security plan you purchase. The company created a four-tier pricing system to make its premium-quality services feasible for individuals and families.
If you’re unsure of the security services it offers, you can opt for IdentityIQ free trial to familiarize yourself with the user interface and features. The 7-day introductory program will help you understand the cybersecurity system better. You can also learn how to manage daily credit-score updates amongst other notifications. You can choose one out of four paid plans: 

#1 The Secure Plan ($8.99/monthly)

The Secure Plan costs $8.99 per month (and 107.88 annually).  It covers the essential features every American needs to keep track of their online and credit score activity. Despite being a starter pack for security, it consists of robust features and specifications.
What Do You Get? 
  • The 1-Bureau credit report for monitoring is shared daily
  • A well-integrated synthetic  ID theft shield
  • Advanced internet and dark web surveillance
  • Up to $1 million as insurance coverage to recover stolen funds/assets
  • Reimbursement for legal expenses in the event of ID theft (or other fraudulent activity)
  • Social Security Number notifications and alerts
  • Network searches for file-sharing
  • Lost wallet support to recover missing credentials and block credit cards before they get misused
  • Detailed reports on checking account transactions
  • Opt-out services to block anonymous caller IDs and spam emails
  • Real-time US-based ID restoration service and support
Besides this, you get the Bitdefender Total Security antivirus package within this plan. It safeguards your online activity and transactions with VPN, anti-tracking systems, and other innovative surveillance software.  Each feature adds a layer of protection between you and notorious cybercriminals. In this way, you receive maximum security without stretching your budget.

#2 Secure Plus ( $11.99/monthly)

Pay $ 143.88 annually to receive the best protection possible against fraudsters and scammers.  This upgrade increases your hold on your credit reports and scores as you receive notifications from all three FTC-authorized credit monitoring advisories. You can also access everything else that the basic plan offers and an unstoppable Bitdefender Total Security system. It’s supported by various antiviral programs and surveillance specifications that ensure that your web surfing and downloading practices aren’t manipulated (or traced) by third parties.
Bonus Features: 
  • 3 Bureau credit reports and scores shared annually
  • Notifications for change of address
Paying less than $150 annually for so many amazing web security services seems like a valuable offer.

#3 Secure Pro ( $21.99/monthly)

Identity thieves often use your name and social security numbers when they get caught. Impersonating you makes it easier for them to get away with fraudulent activities without facing charges (filed against their real identity).  You might not find out until your loan application, plans to rent property, college application get declined based on your criminal record. Secure Pro ensures that you never face this problem with its multifaceted credit monitoring, reporting, and criminal record-based notifications. You can use this to watch for false registrations and criminal records.
Bonus Features: 
  • 3 Bureau credit reports and scores shared annually
  • Enhanced credit monitoring with bi-annual credit analysis reports and scores
  • Alerts about police resorts and crimes committed under your name
  • Real-time notifications on credit changes to detect unauthorized activity
These advanced specifications and perks are why many users swap the Secure Plan for Secure Pro plan.

#4 Secure Max ($32.99/monthly)

Sign up the whole family with a shared account on the Secure Max plan. It covers more ground in terms of credit score tracking and cybersecurity. In addition, you receive extended ID theft restoration services to ensure that you have the fund required to file a complaint against individuals who misuse personally identifiable information connected to you (or your family members).
Bonus Features: 
  • Monthly credit score reports and notifications from three prestigious bureaus
  • Credit score tracker and simulator for optimum credit management
  • Up to $25000 insurance against ID theft for your family
  • Limited power of attorney for better ID fraud restoration
Overall, Secure Max turns things up a notch with its fully integrated anti-hacking and credit auditing services. Identity reviews consider it the ideal choice for tech-savvy families who will appreciate the extra protection.
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