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What Are Yoga Socks? ~ Yoga Addict #Review   Yoga socks are different than regular socks because they have a “sticking” quality. While yoga typically does not involve any special equipment, clothing or machinery, some who practice it use some things, like yoga socks to aid their experience. Some staunch traditionalists are adamant that students not wear shoes or socks as that will interfere with proper balance and placement. Others, however, argue that the use of special accouterments help to target, tone, and strengthen certain regions of the body. Foam blocks, for example, are used under the hands to help extend a posture to those with limited movement. To the layperson yoga may appear to simply be a practice in stretching. In fact, it is much more, including the development of flexibility, muscle strength, and balance. New yoga students will find the proper balance required in yoga to be difficult. Even seasoned students, who attempt more difficult positions will find balance a difficult task. As a result, some yoga practitioners find that wearing yoga socks helps reduce the number of slips and falls one make experience.   Yoga socks are designed to simulate a bare foot feeling. There are several styles of yoga socks. Some are ankle height socks while others extend up past the ankle. Some have individual toe sections, much like a glove, with the toes either enclosed or hanging out freely. Other yoga sock designs have the sock end just before the toes and allow that part of the foot to move freely. Still others have the heel exposed as well. On the bottom of all styles of yoga socks, however, is some amount of a rubber gripping material. Several yoga sock manufacturers claim to have perfected the gripping capabilities and also guarantee that no bumps should be felt through the fabric. Regardless, the non-slip, and some wearers would say, "sticky" sole, gives confidence to those practitioners with lesser balance. Other fans of yoga socks claim that they reduce the danger of injury by providing a warm surrounding for stretched muscles. Typically made of 100 percent natural cotton, and sometimes bamboo, they reduce moisture like yoga gloves and help keep feet clean and free of blisters. Yoga socks can be purchased on the Internet or through catalogs but now may be found in athletic stores and specialty shops.   Yoga gloves are gloves specifically designed to reduce hand and foot slippage while participating in yoga. Yoga gloves and socks set are made for hands and feet. The ‘foot glove’ has cutout for the big toe. The other toes are grouped together. Yoga gloves are hypoallergenic. They are made out of a lightweight, breathable cotton, and lycra. Lycra allows the glove to stretch. If used properly, yoga gloves can be a vital tool to help reduce serious injury.   A new item I discovered that I absolutely love is the YogaAddict Yoga Socks and Gloves Set. This set improves comfort by relieving wrist strain, joint pain, nerve compression and stress on the soft tissues of the wrist during weight bearing yoga and Pilates exercises. Many yoga and Pilates poses require you to support all or a portion of your body weight with your hands, often resulting in wrist pain. Our glove is designed alleviate the strain of putting pressure on your wrists. You’ll also enjoy non-slip contact with Pilates reformer bars, hand weights, floors or yoga mats, thanks to the non-skid fabric on the palm. The ergonomically designed gel padding enclosed in a form fitting, non-slip glove combines comfort and stability with the convenience of wearing a glove throughout your yoga, Pilates or exercise routine. Unlike foam wedges and other stand-alone props that must constantly be re-positioned, the Yoga Addict set becomes part of your body throughout your routine so you can assume your yoga or Pilates poses with fluid, continuous motion. Flow smoothly from one asana to the next without the interruption of placing and repositioning props. Gracefully execute moves on the Pilates reformer and Wunda chair and advance your Pilates mat work—without advancing your wrist pain. The thing that bugs me is that these are best washed by hand or you need to be extra careful when using them in the wash. While I don`t intend for them to get filthy I do want them to remain clean and tossing them with my regular wash would be a bit more convenient. Overall I love the set, they`re very comfortable and definitely a great addition for my workouts.

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