Well this review couldn`t have come at a more perfect time! As many of y`all know we just moved into our house over this past weekend. The next day I got a package in from a site called Not on the High Street. This company has a wonderful variety of items and gifts all located on one site. What I particularly love is that they ship international as they are based in the UK! I love trying things from around the world whether it`s food, gadgets, clothes, etc.
Not on the High Street was kind enough to send me their oh so beautiful Acacia Straight Sided Salad Bowl & Servers to check out. This gorgeous bowl is made from acacia hard wood sourced from sustainably managed forests. Acacia wood is known to be long lasting, hard wearing and has a beautiful grain. The bowl measures 25.5cm Diameter x 10cm Height, making it a rather nice size for when you make a family sized salad.
So what do I think? Wow! That`s my first reaction because of how beautiful it is! I love wood bowls and kitchenware so maybe my opinion on this is a bit bias. I`ve seen various sorts of wood kitchenware and I know some are just poorly made where others are high quality. This salad bowl set definitely falls under high quality. The wood grain itself is beautiful and natural. The texture of it is smooth. While it is still natural wood, you won`t catch a splinter in your hand while mixing your salad! The shipping and delivery time was fairly quick. You have to keep in mind that if you`re in the US international shipping takes a bit longer than within the states.
The customer service I received was also very friendly. I love friendly customer service and can`t tell you how important good customer service is these days. Would I recommend this company? Absolutely. While this is my first time hearing of them or shopping with them, I doubt it will be my last. They have beautiful high quality products. If kitchenware is not your thing they have a TON of other products to choose from: home & garden, kids, toys, fashion, weddings, and much more! If you stop in, I`d love to hear what your favorite product is or if you even made an order from them!
While you`re there, feel free to check them out: