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Physiotherapy or Physical therapy is the treatment of an injury through physical exercise. Physiotherapy may also promote health restoration and maintaining health through physical examination, patient education, disease prevention, prognosis, rehabilitation, etc.
Physical therapy is also provided with or alongside other medical treatment as a primary care treatment. Physical therapy can have a tremendous positive impact on your health. It can apply to many people with different physical health issues arising from injuries, illnesses, diseases, and even aging. There are three main areas on which physical therapists tend to focus: neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiothoracic. However, you must visit a qualified physiotherapist registered and certified by the Board of Physiotherapists in the country of your jurisdiction. Balance Core Physiotherapy Singapore Clinic has a very qualified psychotherapist who will help improve or eliminate some physical health problems you might be having.
The following are reasons why physiotherapy is essential;
Improve your movement ability
Sometimes you can experience problems with movement when recovering from an injury or an accident. If you encounter issues such as having difficulties while standing, a muscle movement, or walking, you can be a good candidate for physical therapy. Physiotherapist practitioners will assess your condition and prescribe the required exercise to help your situation. For example, if you have a problem with standing or walking, you can give assistive devices such as crutches that will help your muscles stretch to strengthen your walking ability. Another importance of physiotherapy individual care can also be customized to ensure that you’re getting the required assistance to adopt optimal performance for regaining your normal mobility.
Improve your Vestibular system
Before you begin your therapy, first, you have to go through screening for fall risk. If you often lose balance during your day-to-day activities, you have a high chance of falling risk. The good thing is that physical therapy can help in minimizing or eliminating your fall risk. This can be possible by being put through safe and carefully staged exercises that mimic real-life situations to challenge your fall risk.
Fall risk mainly occurs if you are having problems with your vestibular system. The other importance of physiotherapy, physiotherapy clinic in Singapore can assist you with exercises that can help you improve your coordination. Moreover, with the help of other assistive devices, a therapist can help you recover or restore the proper functioning of your vestibular system and eliminate other problems such as vertigo and dizziness.
Reduce or eliminate pain
One of the most common pains you are likely to suffer from is back pain. Back pain can be triggered by poor sitting posture or activities you do in your day-to-day life. The good news is that, unlike pain medication that will take off the pain at that moment, physiotherapy can give you a long-lasting solution to your back pain. The most common back pain is known as disk pain that is caused by herniation or disc bulge. With just a few visits to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore, your therapist will identify the angle of disk injury. Our therapist will then indulge you in exercises that will close the disk pain injury, after which it will rapidly ease the pain.
Avoid surgery
If physical therapy can help In rejoining your mobility functioning, surgery can be avoided. Another importance of physiotherapy is that it can help in rejoining joints without needing any stitches. However, if your situation is critical and requires surgery, pre-physical therapy can help prepare for the surgery and aid in quick recovery.
Recover from stroke
Several disabilities can follow after experiencing a stroke, depending on the damage in your brain. A stroke victim can develop disabilities such as paralysis or problems of movement control (motor control)
Paralysis of movement usually results when there is damage to cells and connections in the brain. This can lead to paralysis, weakness, and loss of voluntary movement.
Sensory disturbances
It is possible to lose the ability to feel pain, touch, temperature, or sometimes how your body is then positioned after stroke. The main reason that will cause these effects is when sensory cells and nerves have been damaged after having a stroke.
Memory problems
Stroke can also result in problems with your thinking ability and memory loss if the part responsible for memory has been damaged.
Statistics show that at least ¼ of stroke patients suffer from aphasia. Aphasia is a problem that makes stroke victims have difficulties in understanding or using language.
Your therapist can help to improve or cure some of these problems if you’re a victim of a stroke. Your therapist will help in restoring physical movement and coordination. The psychotherapist will also help you to improve weak parts of the body by imposing strengthening exercises.
Recover from sports-related injuries
You must make efforts to visit a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore if you usually engage in sports. Physiotherapists understand injuries that can erupt in sport-related activities for example stress fractures for athletes. Therefore, it will be easier for a physiotherapist to ease or eliminate any injury you might have incurred.
Manage heart disease and heart failure
Heart disease can be fatal if not managed. Research shows that it resulted in 859 125 deaths of Americans in the year 2017 alone. The same study shows that more than 6 million Americans over 20 years old suffer from heart failure. These statistics are expected to rise to more than 8 million by the year 2030. Its Heart disease and heart failure usually make it difficult for your heart to achieve the demands of your body. Your therapist can help you with the adverse effect of heart-related problems from getting worse. A physiotherapist can also help you from the risk of developing heart failure and heart diseases by engaging you in various exercises.
If you are in Singapore and you require therapy, or you need urgent treatment for your health improvement, visit us today, and our first-class therapist will be more than ready to serve you.
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