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You have probably heard it before, but it is worth repeating: you are beautiful. You might not feel that way right now, especially if you're overweight. Society tells us that we need to be thin to be beautiful, which causes many people who are overweight or obese to suffer from low self-esteem and body image issues.
But this isn't true! Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise! In this blog post, we are going to share eleven ways for how you can start feeling confident again no matter your size or weight by using simple techniques like dressing up nicely and wearing makeup just as much as smaller women do!

  1. Don't compare yourself with others: It might seem like everyone should be the same size as us, or else they're not "perfect" enough, but that isn't true! We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colours, making it even more perfect when we accept ourselves for who we are because then our uniqueness shines through!

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  2. Find clothing styles that make you happy: It might take some time before finding the right clothes, but once you find them, they will probably never leave your side again. Clothing style is really important when feeling confident because if something feels uncomfortable or doesn't look good, at least we found out now instead of later down the line where our self-esteem would have been even lower than before trying new outfits. You can also buy boob tape, which helps you stay in the right shape and flaunt your favourite dresses whenever you want.

  3. Dress up nicely: This one might seem obvious, but remember that overweight women are afraid of looking nice because they think it will make them look worse or too revealing. But this is not the case! Dressing up nicely gives your self-esteem a boost as much as smaller people do, so don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Start putting some effort into how your clothes fit and how good you look in everything you wear! It's important for everyone to be able to dress well with no fear of what others say about their size.

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  4. Start following sites that promote body positivity: Sites that show different types of models and how they have lived their life confidently even after being overweight can drive in more inspiration in your life. They help you embrace your curves without fearing them! These sites also promote a healthy lifestyle and how you can work on yourself to feel confident.

  5. Apply makeup as any other woman would: There's nothing wrong with being better at applying makeup than someone who's not overweight. Makeup can be a confidence booster as well, so don't let anyone tell you that it's "just for skinny people." If makeup makes you feel better about yourself, then by all means, go ahead and do your thing! I guarantee that everyone has their own tips on how to apply makeup properly anyway.

  6. Practice positive self-talk: Don't say negative things about yourself or think too much about how you might be judged by others for being overweight. It is really important to remember how awesome you are and how much of a positive impact we can have on people's lives. Besides, positive self-talk is very contagious, so if you have people in your life who are always saying how great they look or telling themselves that everything will be ok then it is really easy to catch on too!

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  7. Talk about something other than food: It can get old talking about all the foods we want to eat and still not being able to enjoy them. But talking continuously about food can make us feel worse, so it's important to talk about something else for a change. Try to focus on topics that include your hobbies or career choices.

  8. Open up about your struggles: It's hard to talk about how we feel, and opening up can make us feel better. We might not want people to know that sometimes we don't like how our body looks or that it is really difficult for us, but talking with someone who understands will help you get through this tough time. Be honest!

  9. Accept how you look: Everyone has insecurities, but no one is perfect- we should learn to accept our flaws and love ourselves! It's important to remember that how we look on the outside does not define who we are.

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  10. Realize it is hard for everyone, regardless of their weight: Everyone has something about themselves they don't like, but if we stop comparing ourselves to others and instead focus on our positive attributes, we will feel much better.

  11. Take care of yourself: Take time for yourself! We often put others' needs before ours and forget how important it is to take some me-time. Watch your favourite Netflix series or colour in a colouring book because taking care of ourselves makes us feel confident.
We know it might not be easy to feel confident when we are overweight, but it is something worth working on. It's important that you learn how to love yourself and not let what other people say about your weight affect you!
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