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Firmoo: 20% off Classic Series Frames #ReviewWhether you choose to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction mostly depends on personal preferences. Lifestyle, comfort, convenience, budget, and aesthetics should all factor into your decision-making process. Before deciding between contacts and glasses, keep in mind that one is not necessarily better than the other; each has its pros and cons in terms of vision, ease of use, and eye health.  
Eyeglasses offer many benefits over contact lenses. They require very little cleaning and maintenance, you don`t need to touch your eyes to wear them (decreasing your risk for eye infections), and glasses are cheaper than contact lenses in the long run since they don`t need to be replaced as often. Glasses also can act as an extension of your personality and make a great fashion statement!  
That being said, contact lenses have many advantages over glasses. Contacts sit directly on your eye, so vision, particularly peripheral vision, is unobstructed. You can participate in sports and outdoor activities without fear of eyeglasses getting in the way, falling off or breaking. You can even change the color of your eyes with color contact lenses. 
Contact Lenses, Eyeglasses... Or Both? Thanks to advances in contact lens technology, most people these days can wear contacts successfully, even if they prefer to wear glasses as their primary form of vision correction. So the decision to wear either contacts or glasses - and when to wear them- usually is a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind, though, that if you wear contact lenses full-time, you also should have an up-to-date pair of glasses - in case you need to stop wearing contacts due to an eye infection or irritation, or you simply want to give your eyes a break.
Shopping through Firmoo I found some stylish eyeglasses that I fell in love with! I personally didn`t have to wear glasses until I was in my 20`s and making the transition just wasn`t working for me. I wouldn`t wear my glasses as I should nor did I care for how they looked on me. When I discovered contacts I was in love, but of course, I had a problem - my eyes get sensitive and need a break. My eyes would completely just get irritated to the least bit of sunlight and I`d have to take my contacts out and let my eyes rest. Now I found a brand of contacts that don`t do that to me anymore, but during times like that, I rely on glasses. I have spares all over the place in the event I need them, but if I don`t like how they look on me they don`t do any good since I won`t wear them unless it`s an emergency. Seriously, I`m that bad with them. I mean I tend to find issues with them all the time. I either don`t like how they look on me, the fit, the feel or the glare, etc.   
Now I can finally say I found a pair I love and nothing to complain about except that it took me this long to find them! At Firmoo, I found the FC505 purple lens glasses and used their technology to upload a photo of myself to "preview" how the glasses would look on me. I tried on a few pair before deciding on the FC505 and I`m glad I tested them. Some I thought that looked great, just did not go with my face frame at all. Some made me look fat-faced some just looked plain ridiculous on me. Thankfully I found a pair that fits my face, don`t stand out in a bad way and just seemed to be a good fit for me. So once I figured what I wanted as far as frames go I customized my order based on my prescription and what features I would like with my glasses such as adding the anti-radiation & UV coating to my lens. I chose that option because of my eyes. They get bad glare from lights at night and when I have to wear the glasses generally my eyes are irritated due to light sensitivity so protecting them helps a bunch as well. Sounds like simple things to many, but they make a huge difference in my eyes.   
So I placed my order on December 19th and received my glasses on January 10th - so it does take a few weeks to come in with standard shipping. I was in no rush and didn`t need them immediately so this was not a big deal to me. Once they did arrive I was happy that they were what I expected - high-quality glasses. They are plastic frames, but they`re durable. They fit my measurements properly and everything was as I put in with my order. The glasses feel comfortable, don`t tickle my nose, they look great (at least I think), and most importantly I can see great out of them! Even outside of doing reviews I`ve purchased glasses from this company before out of my own pocket because of how great their quality is. Believe me, that says a lot when I`m a repeat customer! Great customer service, great products, and a great company!  

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