*UPDATE* On Amy`s Rare Medical Condition
 It`s been quite some time since I made an update on how my sister Amy has been doing. For those of you who aren`t familiar with her story, read about her rare medical condition here as well as the updates.   
Not too much has changed with the exception of her not eating very much or not at all. The doctor has my mom giving her Pedisure to at least get nutrition in her, but she doesn`t really want that either. So my mom is concerned she`s going to end up having to go into the hospital for forced feedings. Her memory is still the same - forgetful and can`t remember anything. She also is still having seizures. None of the medications have changed that thus far. Some days are great and she`ll do well and others she`ll have the seizures back to back.   
My parents did get a new home and they have some great neighbors with other children for Amy to interact with since she isn`t in school. So she does get some social interaction with what seems like non-judgmental children, which is always great.   
As anything changes, I`ll keep y`all posted as always on what`s going on. One thing my mom would love for Amy is a dog that can help detect oncoming seizures. They are very expensive, out of their financial capabilities, but if anyone has information on where she can look into those or get one donated or can help, please comment or send me an email.