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New Year New You 2022 Must Haves Closetsamples
As with any new year, we all have the sense of wanting to start off the new year refreshed and ready to take on the year fully prepared as our best self. As 2021 comes to an end and we enter into the year 2022, I have compiled a list of must-have items to get you going onto the right path.

Jump Ahead



An excellent way to stay organized is to have a planner. You can keep track of special days, appointments, and things you need to do. Check these out:  
Small Business Direct Sales Planner MLM Printable Digital image 1
Use this planner to help you plan your Direct Sales business and crush your Marketing goals! Log your income, track your expenses, and create schedules that will put you in control of your business. There is no time like the present to get a better handle on your business! Get ready to master your schedule, manage your time, and handle every aspect of your business with the turn of a page. Direct Sales Planner will help you organize your Social Selling business and put you on the path to success. It has 27 different pages + A cover page (28 pages total if you count that) and of course, you can print it as much as you like. This planner is not dated or marked by month or year – you fill it in yourself. So no matter when you order it; once you print it, you fill it based off your current year and when you need to use it. 
Designed for the high-achiever who wants to meet their goals while having fun and experiencing true work-life balance. Printed on high quality paper stock, spiral bound with quick reference tabs. 
It's the pattern that started it all - and the pattern many of us continue to use, year after year! Chic, sophisticated, and at-home in any setting, our Black Stripe is the modern classic! It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to make progress on your goals. Day Designer®, the original daily planner, is a simple system created to help you manage your schedule and tackle your to-do list. More than a productivity planner, this is the best time management tool to help you get organized.  
Dailygreatness Training is the ultimate 12-week holistic training journal for women, incorporating food and workout journal, mindset and self-reflection, and daily and weekly goal planners. If you want to stop self-sabotage, create healthy habits and focus on fitness, this fitness journal is for you. 
Dailygreatness Yoga brings together all aspects of the body, mind and spirit for an inspiring daily yoga practice featuring a gorgeous limited edition 'bloom' cover. 
Dailygreatness Parents 90 Day is a guided journal designed to help you be the best parent you can be.  Including daily prompts for mindfulness, communication, playfulness, meditation, gratitude, and self-care if you're looking for a tool to parent more consciously, this 90 day journal is for you. 
Dailygreatness Business is the ultimate planner for entrepreneurs and business owners. Encompassing everything you need to plan and scale your business, including morning mindset, a yearly goal planning system, weekly and quarterly check-ins, and a yearly review. If you're starting a new business or want to be more organised and productive in your existing one, this business planner is for you. 
Dailygreatness Wellness includes a daily food and exercise journal, weekly and quarterly goal planners, training and clean eating tips, weekly shopping lists, healthy habit reminders & mindset coaching. If you're looking for a journal to help you focus on holistic health, wellness, and vitality, this wellness journal is for you. 
Looking to improve your results at work? Dailygreatness Success at Work infuses positive psychology, personal and company goals and targets, training and development, workplace wellness, and performance reviews into an inspiring yearly action plan that you and your team will love. 
  • 14 Month Planner (November 2021 through December 2022) w/ MONTHLY TABS
  • MEDIUM SIZE: 5.5"x8"
  • 2 Page Monthly Spreads followed by 2 Page Weekly Spreads
  • **BONUS** Matching Bookmark/Page-Finder and **BONUS** Sticky Note Set

Healthy Options

What better way to stay on top of your health than by taking vitamins and other health supplements to improve your health?! Give these a try: 
PipingRock’s Ultra Papaya Enzyme Supreme supplement tablets deliver superior digestive support via enzymes from natural sources. Papayas are a natural source of the enzyme papain, which is the star of these tasty chewables! We’ve enhanced this formula with bromelain, which are enzymes from pineapples, and pancreatic extracts, notably protease (which break down proteins), alpha-amylase (which break down starches) and lipase (which break down fats).** Support your healthy, comfortable digestion naturally with each chewable tablet, available at a fantastic value! 
Balance is important in life, especially when it comes to digestive health. The friendly bacteria in your gut known as probiotics play an important role in aiding in digestive support.** A balanced probiotic formula can help replenish your body’s natural supply, nurturing your digestive system and supporting a healthy lifestyle.** PipingRock Probiotic Digestive Aid Gummies provide just that, features Bacillus Coagulans, and a medley of herbs in one powerful probiotic supplement. 
100% Pure MCT Oil 32oz
MCT oil provides 13.8 grams of medium chain fatty acids. Great for those on the ketogenic diet. It also provides a great burst of Energy without the jitters. Increased stamina and mental focus.  MCT oil is Odorless and Flavorless. Which makes it easy to add to protein shakes, salad dressing, coffee, or anything without changing the favor.  
Fitness Tracker ONLY $15.00 Shipped (Reg. $60)
Keep Track of Your Health Goals With This Fitness Watch! Sign up and receive your FREE Fitness Tracker (regularly $59.95), just pay $15 shipping and handling. 
With new 10x Delta-8 CBD gummies, you’ll be more ready than ever! You’ll love our new 10X Delta-8 CBD gummies in Goodness, a combination of pomegranate, cherry, and peach! We’ve infused your favorite cannabinoid with Delta-8 to give you a CBD edible that’s mouthwatering. It’s a delicious, organic, all-natural hemp-based trip with all of the benefits of CBD and all of the fun of Delta-8 THC. With 50 gummies infused with 25mg of Delta-8 each, you’ll have 10-times the buzz and 10-times the fun!  These non-GMO, third-party certified Delta-8 THC gummies offer you a legal high that can’t be found anywhere else. But be careful because it’s an experience that promises to take you to the next level, 10 times over. Delta-8 THC Goodness gummies offer you the world’s only legal high, letting you reach for the clouds with a psychotropic, hemp-derived buzz of immense proportions. Of course, you’ll need to do so carefully. 10X Delta-8 THC gummies are hemp-derived edibles made for your pleasure. 
Our 10mg Delta 8 THC gummies deliver a potent one of a kind uplifting and motivating feel with a calming body sensation. Each Elevate Delta 8 jar contains 35 gummies (350mg total Delta 8 THC). We currently offer 4 delicious gummy flavors: green apple, strawberry watermelon, tangerine, and raspberry lemonade. 
Mellow Fellow Delta-8 Lean Drink ~ with a total of 500 MG per bottle! The quality of our product and well-being of our customers is our #1 priority. Delta-8 is a naturally occurring compound found in hemp. Our Delta-8 oils are produced from hemp, legally and responsibly by PhD chemists, testing at over 95% with the rest being cannabinoid minors. 
Are you ready to turn that f#@king frown upside down?! These mouth watering and powerful Unicorn Drops are loaded with 25mg of infused Delta-8 distillate.  
get healthy u tv coupon
If you're like me and don't enjoy going to the gym and working out with other people - but want to stay healthy and in shape, you'll want to check out this new deal from Get Healthy U TV.  You can pay $3 and score an annual membership. That's a 96% discount off the regular price of $69.00!

Lucky Charms

Some people like to keep lucky charms and items around to bring in good luck. If you are one who enjoys such things, you will love to check these out! 
Good Luck FOUR Leaf Clovers 3.6 inches inches
REAL FOUR LEAF Clovers! A great gift to wish someone good luck or just good thoughts. A rare symbol of good luck and prosperity. We can add or a hand written personal message for you. Choose between a natural green clover or a natural clover painted in gold. Every one is natural and unique and the one (s) you receive may not be pictured here. 
Citrine  Green Aventurine  Crystal Candles  Biodegradable image 1
These candles are made with pure intentions and lots of love. Citrine helps you to manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity. Protects you from negative energies, and is a great healing stone. Green Adventurine transmute negative energy into positive energy. It stimulates power and confidence and helps increase wealth. 
Mini Citrine Troll  Crystal Troll  November Birthstone  image 1
Crystal Trolls make the perfect gift for any former 90s child that collected trolls! or any modern day crystal collector! or maybe even a little gift for yourself! Mini Citrine Troll has citrine points made from burnt amethyst and a heap of moss hair-do! The citrine points are chosen at random and can vary in size and shape, but will be similar to what is pictured. 
Business Prosperity pocket-size Crystal Medicine Bag image 1
The "Business Prosperity" pocket-size Crystal Medicine Bag (CMB) contains a collection of powerful gemstones specifically selected to help you attract and retain all forms of prosperity for your business. 
Natural Beauty Triple-Strand Quartz Gemstone Fashion Pendant image 1
The AVON Natural Beauty Collection is a subtle mix of goldtone and a down-to-earth color scheme. It’s all crystal clear. The look of quartz pairs with earth-tone beads, inspired by the mysterious hues of desert dunes.  
Good Luck Charm Necklace - Rose Gold and Diamonds

Cleaning Supplies

A definite must-have for entering into a new year is having a clean home! Give these cleaners a try to accomplish this: 
Grove Collaborative is an online shipment service that offers a variety of all-natural, non-toxic household, beauty, health, and personal care products. The service aims to make using these products more manageable and affordable. This is a subscription service. That means once you get started, Grove will deliver your desired products right to your doorstep on a schedule that is convenient for you. Every product sold by Grove must be certified to be healthy, eco-friendly, effective, and affordable. 
The only all natural, patented eatCleaner® TRIPLE ACTION Fruit + Veggie Spray is tasteless, odorless and lab-tested up to 99.9% more effective than water in cleaning wax, pesticide residues and soil from commercially and organically grown produce. In a 14-day study, applying eatCleaner® TRIPLE ACTION Fruit + Veggie Spray to a variety of fruit and vegetables also prolonged shelf life up to 5x longer through a natural blend of fruit acids and antioxidants. This can help save your family on average over $500 per year, reducing waste and making it easy to get your half plate of fruit and veggies each day.  Winner of the World’s Best Technology Gold Prize and Disney iParenting Award. Never throw produce away again! Be safe/Save waste. 
Efficiently collects dust, debris and large particles, either on hard floors or low-medium pile carpets. Meticulously scans and maps your home's layout to enhance cleaning efficiency. If clean up is not complete when battery runs lower than 10%, the robot will automatically recharge to 100% and continue the cleaning routine from where it left. Robot scans the layout and divides it into multiple sections: living room, dining room, bedroom, restroom, etc. and reserves the map on the app. Then from the app you can select which room(s) you would like to clean. 
Lily and Magnolia Laundry Detergent
Our Laundry Detergents are pH neutral, non-toxic, biodegradable, non-polluting, pH balanced and made from sustainable, plant-based ingredients, Free of synthetic perfumes and dyes, Greywater and Septic safe.  Free of enzymes, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum Ingredients. Safely clean clothes without fading colors. 
Fresh Citrus All Natural Spray Cleaner
For use on all water-safe surfaces. Bathrooms and Kitchens: Spray onto dampened surface, and wipe away! If you use too much, just rinse and wipe dry. Safe for use on: Porcelain, tables, tile, counters, metal, floors, walls, woodwork, baby toys, carpets, stain removal for linens and natural fibers. Our spray cleaner is safe and non-toxic. Free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, alcohol, d-limonene, artificial colors, fragrances, gluten, GMO’s, detergents or preservatives. 
A multi-purpose formula made with natural botanical ingredients, this nontoxic Happy Place spray is safe for metal, ceramic, vinyl, tile and other surfaces. Designed at the Beekman 1802 Farm, this plant-based cleaner has been tested to ensure it's as effective as synthetic products. It's an excellent cleaner for grime, grease, stains and mildew that's safe for everything from outdoor furniture to indoor appliances and stovetops. 
Experience the ultimate in convenience with the pool blaster fusion. Ever ready, this rechargeable pool vacuum is lightweight enough to tackle quick clean-ups in any pool or spa. Use it with the included four-piece pole for extended cleaning or as a hand-held vacuum for maintenance.

Home Organization

Another great way to start off the new year is with an organized home. Try some of these to accomplish that:  
A handy addition to the home office, art table, vanity or kitchen, our lazy Susan-style organizer features four compartments rotating atop a stable base. Finished in crisp white, it's a sleek, simple way to keep writing implements, brushes and other necessities organized and accessible. 
While we dream of the perfect home office (ample space, perfect lighting, immaculate shelving), we accept current circumstances where “home office” is a transitory term. Sometimes, it’s our kitchen table, others the guest bedroom, and once—in a moment of desperation brought on by a weak wifi signal—the stairwell. And for a home office that transitions across spaces, there is no better companion for the journey than this metal rolling storage cart. Its locking wheels and ample tabletop surface make it the perfect pop-up work station. The two columns of varied sized drawers divvy up supplies equitably, so that multiplication tables don’t get mixed up with monthly business reports. One day, we might have a dream home office. Until then, it’s hard not to enjoy the command-center feeling brought on each time this 12-drawer rolling metal storage cart voyages through our home’s hallways. 
  • Stackable design: get multiple sets and stack them together in a second
  • Store up to 36 can or variety size can/jars
  • Six adjustable plastic dividers get different size can, jars, Beverage can aligned and organized
  • Assembled in a minute and no hardware needed, sturdy construction, Chrome finish
  • Dimension: 17''W x 11. 5''D x 14"H (Minimum 15"H required for regular cans) 
This stylish organizer drawer collection keeps bathroom cabinets and vanities organized. The clear design compliments any style. Keep cosmetics organized. Great for makeup brushes, lipstick, nail polish and palettes. Also use under the sink for hair accessories, cotton balls, and medicine. Drawers can be used side-by-side or stacked to save counter space. 
  • Large Capacity: 4 large pockets sized 12.2 (L)*5.50(W)*7.08(H) inch, 2 PVC bags, 3 large pockets in the middle with perspective window, you can see what's inside clearly.
  • High-Quality Material: Metal hooks and loops. Sturdy cardboard supports the bottom and sides. A fiberglass tube is added to the edge of the pocket so that it does not deform when it bears heavy items. Breathable non-woven fabric and the edges closed by knitted fabric, which makes the pocket more sturdy.
  • Multiple Functions: suitable for storing cosmetics, clothes, socks, dolls, scarves, towels, toys, stationery, snacks, bottles, baby products; it is very suitable for hanging in the room, bathroom, kitchen or baby room.
  • Easy Installation: Hang on the door without hardware. The adjustable metal hook suitable for most doors (the standard door thickness is 1.98 inches), so you don’t need to worry that it does not suitable for your door.
  • Package Content: Gray door hanging organizer*2, gray bottom plate*8, metal hook*8. Please contact JARLINK support if there are any problems during the use.
  • Space-saving mesh design with stylish drawer. No tools needed.
  • Two side load letter trays, and a tray with a 3 compartment Drawer. Upright section has five 2" Compartments.
  • Desk storage, file folder and letter organizer
  • Dimension: 13.25"L x 13"W x 9"H 
  • Overall: 8.5" x 3.6" x 15.75" Hight; Fits Over Interior Cabinet Doors Up To 0.75"/1.9CM Thick
  • Made of Strong, Sturdy Steel Wire With A durable Rust-Resistant Finish
  • MEASURE CABINET FOR BEST FIT: Cabinet Shelves May Hit Basket or Items Insider. Please Measure Cabinets Cabinets And Shelves Before Purchase To Ensure Proper Fit; Very Easy Assemble
  • The Large Basket Provides Plenty of Room To Store Plastic Bags; Keep All Of Those Grocery Bags Contained And Your Cabinets Clutter Free; The Open Top And Cut Out In The Front Of The Organizer Make Grabbing A Bag Quick And Easy; Also Use In Laundry Rooms, Garages, Utility Rooms And More
  • This Over-The-Cabinet Door Organizer Basket Is The Perfect Way To Store Up To 50 Plastic Grocery Bags In One Convenient Place Without Sacrificing Your Storage Space; Save Valuable Storage Space In Your Cabinets And Pantry With This Handy Organizer; Works On Inside Or Outside Of Cabinet Doors 
mDesign’s offers a wide variety of storage and organization products for your refrigerator or freezer. Multiple sizes and styles are available to fit your needs - we have options for smaller refrigerators found in campers, dorm rooms and tiny homes. 
  • COSMETIC & MAKEUP STORAGE CASE :3Separetly Stackable set One trapezoid +1 3slot drawer +brusholder with free pearl — Organize all your makeup, cosmetics, Jewelry,Brushes,Lipsticks and accessories into a dazzling personalized beauty counter or display
  • SLEEK & STYLISH — Luxurious REAL GLASS,Chic and elegant exterior — Clear style creates visually appealing display that coordinates beautifully with most décor — Great gift for any girl, teen, adult, beauty, fashion, and makeup lover
  • BEAUTIFULLY DISPLAY & STORE — Lipsticks, foundations, bronzers, blushes, eye shadows, primers, powders, etc — Can also be used to store jewelry, personal accessories, grooming tools, keepsakes, and much more — Storage case fits on most dressers, vanity desks, and countertops
  • FUNCTIONAL & CONVENIENT — Keep makeup and accessories organized and easily accessible — Reduce clutter, save time getting ready, and gain space — Convenient slot compartments on top level keeps items protected, upright, and in place
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING — Made of durable toughened glass Double layer plating and Handmade — — Drawers slide open smoothly with easy grip handles — Can be used alone or to complement other organizers — Makeup NOT Included — Measures approximately Trapezoid :24 L x 16W x 22H CM/ Drawer 24L*16W*10Hcm /Brushholder :15.5L*11W*20.5Lcm 
It is super easy to get frustrated to track your pant or skirt in a mess closet, especially in a hurry morning. If this been bother you, or if your closet space is limited. DOIOWN S shaped pants hangers would be a best choice for you. DOIOWN S shaped 5-Tier design allow to hang 5 pants on 1 hanger. Also great for storing pants, scarfs, ties, towels, and other accessories. Helping to keep your closet orderly and tidy.
TIP: Are you in Direct Sales? Never throw away your old brochure with my printable old brochure labels!

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Would you like your planner featured? Send me a message! Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how to add your planner to our list!


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