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Life hacking allows people to take more ownership of their lives. Before attempting to hack life, people shouldn't just set an end goal but should also ask themselves how they want to feel on a daily basis. If people aren't happy with what they are doing daily they won't succeed. Maybe all this life hackery is just another way the internet tries to hold your attention. Some life hacks might really be game-changers. Either way, it doesn't hurt to try, right?!
It's a new day which means some new daily life hacks to help you save some money and live better. You can see previously posted daily life hacks here.

Definition of life hack

informal. : a usually simple and clever tip or technique for accomplishing some familiar task more easily and efficiently. "Life hacks," as they are known, are all about eliminating life's manifold frustrations in simple and deliciously clever ways.

Why are life hacks so popular?

Life Hacks are the best things that can happen to a person. Why wouldn't you like to do the same thing in a short and simple way? Like Bill Gates always said He would like to hire a lazy person rather than hard-working person because he will find an easy way to do the same. Life Hacks merely make the work easy with the same results. They are popular because they can improve the rest of your life.

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Take advantage of power outages. It's the best possible time to get a good look at the night sky.

Speaking star gazing, check these out to help you with that:

We will visit the best night spots of Paros and star gaze. We will have a look at the location of stars and interesting facts about our universe. You will have the opportunity to learn how to take breathtaking night sky photos. I recommend bringing binoculars, a high resolution camera and tripod for night time pictures. If you can't bring a tripod or camera we will give you the opportunity to use ours. We will also share the images in the following days after the experience.
The ideal workhorse for the deep sky observers, the Explore Scientific 20-inch f/3.6 Truss-Tube Dobsonian is our largest aperture telescope. The 500mm mirror collects 5100 times more light than the naked eye. Details on planets and deep sky objects will be visible even for inexperienced observers. Bright star clusters are resolved to the core, and the sight of the terminator on the moon is an unforgettable experience. The fast 20" f3.6 main mirror as well as the large 120mm secondary mirror are made of high quality quartz material, so the cooling time is reduced to a minimum and this Dobsonian is quickly ready for use. Every main mirror is delivered with an individual optical test certificate, which guarantees the highest capacity. A laser engraved center mark of the main mirror allows easy adjustment. The optical surface has a high-quality aluminum coating with 94% reflectivity and an extremely resistant quartz protection layer. The mirror overcomes frequently occurring dew fogging and cleanups without damage and guarantees a long service life.
  • Objective lens diameter: 50mm
  • Objective lens focal distance: 360mm
  • Ocular lens: H20
  • Magnification: 18X
  • 2X balow lens: 36X


A great way to start driving less is to start implementing the thirty-minute rule: if it's under a thirty-minute walk on Google maps, you walk or ride your bike there.

Speaking of driving less, check out these bike options:

Shengmilo SML100 is the newly developed electric bicycle equipped with Bangfang mid-drive motor in 2022.
The e-bike from Haoqi is completely under U.S regulations and laws which allow you to ride it without specific license and insurance. An electric bike is legally treated the same as a normal bike. You can ride an electric assisted bike anywhere you can ride your regular bike. The recommended rider heights is 5'3" - 6'4".
Elegant and Stylish step-through Dutch style, Sit up and beg ladies bicycle, Easy to Navigate. Ooze with confidence, happiness and vitality. Handcrafted in Europe with a rear bike rack. Chelsea bike comfortably suits a rider height 160cm-185cm (5'3"-6'2") For transit reasons, all complete bikes are shipped 85% assembled. We strongly advise you to take it to your local bike shop where it can be fully assembled, checked, adjusted and prepared for your first ride. We manufacture our bikes in Europe, so the breaks are set as European standard, Right break (FRONT) Left break (BACK). If you are used to other way around please ask your bike mechanic to swap the sides.
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