iPower 10W Dual Head Flexible Arm LED Indoor Grow Light with Auto ON/OF Timer - Grow plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables indoors... all year long! GREAT with the shorter / colder days on their way. Don't let Fall & Winter prevent you from fresh foods and beautiful flowers! - SHIPS FREE!

Start your own indoor garden with this light! 
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The grow light suitable for a number of potted landscape and indoor garden plants that include:
1. flowering plants: roses, chrysanthemum, peony, tulip and many others.
2. greens: like tomatoes, chili, choy, herbs etc.
3. succulents: ball cactus, burros tail, ball cactus, and others.
1. It is advisable to maintain a distance of 1.7 to 3.4 feet between the light and the plant.
2. This grow light should be exposed to the plant twice a day with each session lasting for 6 hours for effective growth.
Timing Function:
  • Built-in two way timer, it can turn on/off every day. The smart timer can help your light to turn off after 3H, 9H, 12H (according to your setting), and turn on again for the next 24 hours cycle.
  • When the timer is set to 3 hours, the button lights up in blue;
  • When the timer is set to 9 hours, the button lights up in green;
  • When the timer is set to 12 hours, the button lights up in red.
NOTE: Once the USB power cord is unplug, you need to setting the timer again.
Efficient Red/Blue LED Combination:
The main part of the whole spectrum light is blue(460nm-470nm) and red (620nm-660nm), which supplies the most efficient wavelength to enhance photosynthesis performance.
Adjustable Brightness:
Short press the “±” button to select 11 different brightness. Long press the “±” button, can achieve stepless dimming.
3 Lighting Modes: Simple press switch button to control of 3 lighting modes (RED Light, BLUE Light or RED & BLUE Light).
  • Power: 10W
  • Input voltage: 5V
  • Lumen output: 200lm
  • LED Chips: Red : Blue = 26 : 14
  • Life time: 50000 hours
  • Work Ambient Temperature: -4℉~104℉(-20℃~40℃)
Package Included:
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