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In a world where safety and sustainability are paramount concerns, the Energizer Super Bright 800 Lumen Dual Full-Directional Pivot Panel Motion Sensor Solar-Powered Security Light emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. Designed to provide an eco-friendly layer of protection for your home, this remarkable security light offers unparalleled versatility and performance, ensuring peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Eco-Friendly Illumination

Harnessing the power of solar energy, the Energizer Solar USB Security Light delivers powerful illumination without compromising the environment. Equipped with high-quality LEDs capable of producing 800 lumens of bright white light, this security light effectively illuminates your surroundings, enhancing visibility and deterring potential intruders.

Versatile Power Options

One of the standout features of the Energizer Security Light is its multiple power options, providing you with flexibility and reliability in any situation. While the solar panel serves as a clean and renewable energy source, ensuring continuous operation even during prolonged periods without sunlight, the inclusion of 4 D batteries offers a dependable backup solution. Additionally, the option to plug the USB cable into any 5V, 2A port or adapter further enhances the versatility of this security light, allowing for constant power supply when needed.

Intelligent Motion Activation

With its advanced motion sensor technology, the Energizer Security Light remains vigilant, activating automatically when motion is detected within a 25ft., 120° range. This proactive approach to security ensures that potential threats are promptly illuminated, providing you with valuable time to assess the situation and take appropriate action.

Easy Installation and Weatherproof Design

Designed for convenience and durability, the Energizer Security Light boasts an easy installation process, thanks to the included mounting hardware and 15ft. USB-A power cord for the solar panel. Whether mounted on walls or under eaves, this security light is ready to safeguard your home against intruders. Furthermore, with an IP54 rating and a weatherproof construction, it is built to withstand harsh environments and adverse weather conditions, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

Cost-Efficient Solution

Priced at an affordable $24.99, discounted from its regular price of $64.99, the Energizer Super Bright 800 Lumen Dual Full-Directional Pivot Panel Motion Sensor Solar-Powered Security Light offers exceptional value for money. With a discount of 62%, this is an opportunity not to be missed for homeowners looking to enhance their security without breaking the bank.

Peace of Mind Guaranteed

In addition to its robust construction and intelligent features, the Energizer Security Light offers peace of mind knowing that your home is protected around the clock. Proudly designed in the USA and backed by Energizer's reputation for quality and innovation, this security light is built to last, providing you with years of reliable service and security.


In conclusion, the Energizer Super Bright 800 Lumen Dual Full-Directional Pivot Panel Motion Sensor Solar-Powered Security Light is a versatile and reliable solution for enhancing the safety of your home. With its eco-friendly design, multiple power options, intelligent motion activation, easy installation, cost-effective pricing, and weatherproof construction, it offers everything you need to protect your property and loved ones with confidence.
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1. Can the Energizer Security Light be used indoors?

Yes, the Energizer Security Light can be used indoors or outdoors, providing versatile lighting solutions for various applications.

2. How long does it take to install the security light?

Installation time varies depending on the location and mounting surface. On average, it can be installed within 30 minutes with the included hardware and instructions.

3. What is the range of motion detection for the security light?

The motion sensor has a range of 25ft. and a detection angle of 120°, ensuring comprehensive coverage and timely activation.

4. Does the security light require maintenance?

The Energizer Security Light is designed for minimal maintenance. However, periodic cleaning of the solar panel and LEDs may be necessary to maintain optimal performance.

5. Can the security light withstand harsh weather conditions?

Yes, the security light is weatherproof with an IP54 rating, making it suitable for outdoor use in various climates and conditions.

6. Can the security light be adjusted to different angles?

Yes, the security light features adjustable heads, allowing you to customize the angle and direction of the light for optimal coverage and visibility.

7. How long does the battery backup last?

The battery backup provides extended runtime during periods of low solar charge or nighttime operation. The duration of the battery backup depends on factors such as usage patterns and battery capacity.

8. Is the security light suitable for commercial use?

While primarily designed for residential applications, the Energizer Security Light can also be used in commercial settings such as warehouses, parking lots, and industrial facilities for enhanced security and visibility.

9. Can multiple security lights be connected to a single solar panel?

While the Energizer Security Light is designed to operate independently with its own solar panel, multiple units can be installed in close proximity for comprehensive coverage. However, each unit requires its own power source for optimal performance.
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